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It's fun

It's fun

Bain exercise

Fun at the same time gives my brain some needed exercise

Great game, but a severe battery drain.

This would get 5 stars if the app didn't drain my battery so quickly (2%-3% every minute). Otherwise, it's a great game.


I totally meant to put fivestar. Hate the ads


Instant classic from back in the day.

Chơi Dominoes


Más tiempo

Me gustaría un al finalizar la partida no recogiera las fichas para poder analizar la jugada. Por lo demás muy bien.


I just Like Playing Domino


This game is fun to play when it's not crashing two or three times each time you play it. Also, the frequency and length of the adds is ridiculous. I'll keep playing the app but hope the developer provides updates to correct the crashing and ads problems.


Too many ads!!!! An add after each hand!!!! Ruins the play. And it highlights which card to play next, no challenge!!!!

Tells you which tile to play next:(

The games tells you which tile to play next and there is no way to turn it off. Might as well just let the game play and I can watch!

Game is terrible

Like most other games, this starts out slow and the more you win the harder it becomes. However, this game is written in such a way that it cheats. There is no way after playing more than 100 matches, that on >50% of the computer picks for the boneyard, it gets a match on the first try where as a human player it always takes at least 3-5 picks to get a match. Game. Deleted.

Fun Dominoes

Great, challenging game.

Bueno para relax!

Me hace botar el estrés, muy bueno !

Ese juego es mi diversión gracias


Removed app

I really enjoyed this game however while I was playing a virus popped up stating my phone would be thanks

Very strategic game

This is very fun and strategic!!

Dominoes Review

Too many ads...I stopped playing because of too many ads



Cannot remove ads

I downloaded app and PAID to remove ads. You have to press the remove ads for every game. Now it wants me to pay $8 to remove ads again. Find another domino game, this one has too many bugs


It would be great if the game could give me a chance to figure out which domino to use & after a few seconds then high light which ones are possibilities


Every time I use this app I get a message on my phone that tells me I have a virus detected on my phone !!! What’s up with that? Hopefully it’s not putting one on my phone, but I will be contacting Apple to make sure it hasn’t!!!!😡

Dominos, yeah!

I do really like it, except when the computer light up my clues to chose from. But other than this it's cool to play.

Slow, crashes, and remove ads does not work

This game is so slow and crashes 4 to 5 times per game. I have cleaned off my device and still have the same problem. I contacted the software developer and in broken English they told me to read the rules. I read the rules plus I know the rules so that is not the issue. If they provide a remove ads button, which they do in two places, they should provide the price. The ads are so lengthy that I wondered if they were the reason for the slowdown of the game but I hesitate to pay ?? money if the game is so sluggish. Customer support said we need the ads to support the games. I don't think they understand the concept of paying for the software so you don't have to watch the ads. This feature definitely needs to be improved.

As claims iPhone virus

5 minutes into first launch, I get pop up from the app claiming I have a virus and need to download an app to clean my phone. Clearly done sort of malware. Removed the app.

Don’t get it

Play it for a while tennis it keeps saying that I been on X raided site and that I had 28.8 viruses don’t get this

Dominoes Luck

I think the game is the best. I just want you to update the game a couple times so it can look better than this one. But good app! DeShaun

Don’t download!

‘Four virus’ exploit showed up today after a few weeks of play. I was ready to erase it anyway because of frequency of ads.

So far so good

I like it so far.

Doesn’t give you your points....

The game doesn’t keep track of your score. It gives score to the computer but not to you. Very strange. Deleted the game!

Don’t do it

Constantly get pop ups about viruses on my iPhone while playing this app. I do not search porn of any kind or have any weird apps on my phone. Beware

Bob $$

Nice app!!!!!

Love throwin bones!

Just like the real thing. Love it!

Cool beans

Awesomeness lol


Good game no problems and I can win


Alright dominoes game, could be better if you the player can send the rules and scoring...😕


Love it, never played before and this taught me how. It's delightful

Cool game! Annoying ads

It would be a Great game, except for the annoying ads! 5 stars without the ads!


Excellent Game


So many ads games not fun. Deleted app I give it a big fat zero!


Its quick. You dont have to wait on players to responde or have to count the points yourself!


Literally just downloaded the game and one of the first ads that popped up said my phone now had a virus and I then went to close it out and it started to make a weird almost fire alarm sound. I tried closeting the app then opening it again and the noise was still there. Very upsetting.


Great for a quick game but the ads are a little overwhelming...

Fun but cheats

The game switches the scores. Had that happen a few times. Not to mention the ads are over the top. I understand for the game to be free you have to have ads but this is way too many.


Great game

Thumbs up!!

Kills time..

Horrible ads

Ads are fine since it's free but not ever 5 seconds. They find every possible corner to stuff an ad.

Great game and math teaching tool

Great way to teach dominoes to my son. It helps him understand and use his addition

Cool app‼️

I'm very impressed with this version.



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