Dominoes Board Games App Reviews

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Great game


It was very good

Mr. Mark Perry. Sr.

Who is him , and who is me?

To many ads

The ads destroy the game Will delete this app

Ads everywhere

Too many ads all over, waiting a while between matches

Way too much advertising

Fun! Advertising makes it a drag



Great game!

Just get regrets.

Too glitchy

Every time an ad come up you have to exit the entire app and re enter because it freezes.


The game is rigged! Don’t believe me? THE ENEMY ALWAYS GOES FIRST SO YOU CANNOT WIN! I mean what the heck!? If that wasn’t the case and this game wasn’t rigged, I would maybe play it. MAYBE!

No me gusta

No se puede jugar con amistades de uno

Good game

I do not wish to spend that much to be add free.

Why are you telling me my next move?

I went through all the non-deep settings and found no option to stop this. How are people finding this game “fun”!? You basically just tap on what lights up on the screen. A monkey can do that. I know this isn’t real dominos but I wouldn’t get my next move told to me unless I’m being taught. As for people saying it’s algorithm is too difficult and tips towards the computer wining, I won the first and only game I played. Erased. Why can’t I give it no stars?


You have turn this game of strategy into a game of matching numbers. You score when placing bones on the board and when the opponent has bones remaining in the hand. I can give this to my 3 year old grandson and tell him to match the numbers. What’s up with the hints¿ Go back to the drawing board!!!

Me encantaaaa este juego, Papá DIOS me los bendiga siempre 🙏🏻🙏🏻 es el mejor juego del mundoooo

Gracias 🙏🏻

Fun game

Keeps my math skills up.


Not WORTH THE ADS frustration! UNinstaLLing!


The dominoes I play is nothing like this. This is a joke of a game.


Too many ads

Lots of adds

Full of adds

Love game

I love playing but HATE advertisements

Found a bug that no one has fixed yet

Found a bug that no one has fixed yet The computer player cheats. To the point where it plays a domino that I’ve already got in my hand in order to make points. Proves to me you people write computer cheating into the code


Muy interesante juego y más fácil


I love it


Good fast games


Good. Luv it


Great games Moderate challenge

Anthony: I’m loving it.

Thank you


iPhone started get super hot when I have app open (never does that any other time), and when I tried clicked “Remove Ads” it asked for my Apple ID & password but was clearly not the Apple prompt. And didn’t even indicate the cost to remove ads. Same prompt when I clicked Support.

Too many ads

Ads rolling constantly at the bottom and in between games


Omg, I almost pulled my hair out. This game is so slow. It’s not that it seems like its calculating. It just is slow.

Fun game

Fun to use my skills Helps passes the time

One sided game

Only computer wins



Program control

This could be a five rated, but the program takes out any skill when your playing. It is programmed completely for opponent control.

Hate it

Ads are too long




I haven’t experienced any problems. Great game!

Good, but I won a hand and I did not begin I do not know why

Good, but I won a hand and I did not begin I do not know why


Is excelente games

Too many ads!!!

Ads between each hand is way too much!


It has too much adds

Enjoy game

Enjoy playing game, just way too much ads.

Love it

If you love dominos, you will love this app!

To many advertisements ..

To many many advertisements many many many advertisements ..get the point


Sign up and play dominos

WAY too many ads

And the app wouldn’t open any more after less than an hour playing it. Needs work.

Great game

Good game

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