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Omg, I almost pulled my hair out. This game is so slow. It’s not that it seems like its calculating. It just is slow.

Fun game

Fun to use my skills Helps passes the time

One sided game

Only computer wins



Program control

This could be a five rated, but the program takes out any skill when your playing. It is programmed completely for opponent control.

Hate it

Ads are too long




I haven’t experienced any problems. Great game!

Good, but I won a hand and I did not begin I do not know why

Good, but I won a hand and I did not begin I do not know why


Is excelente games

Too many ads!!!

Ads between each hand is way too much!


It has too much adds

Enjoy game

Enjoy playing game, just way too much ads.

Love it

If you love dominos, you will love this app!

To many advertisements ..

To many many advertisements many many many advertisements ..get the point


Sign up and play dominos

WAY too many ads

And the app wouldn’t open any more after less than an hour playing it. Needs work.

Great game

Good game


It really smells


Great game try it..


Excellent game, can't stop playing it


Muy interesante, bueno para la mente.


the ads are trebile and it’s 7.99 to remove them bye felicia

Good game

Love this game!!! I give it a fave star no pop ups

Great way to wait for anything!

I love playing when when I’m waiting for anything!


This game is actually trash. It’s rare that you beat the CPU and it’s not worth the ads.

So real, great fun!

It’s fabulous to play it here and not always lose! You use your head, play right and can actually win. You play a someone, not a machine. Thanks a bunch!

RNG hates me.

I’ve get up playing dominos and have won most games I’ve ever played. I only say this to gain some credit when I say that this game likes to screw you. Idk how many times the computer has only had to draw once to get a 15 point play and then make me draw every domino in the graveyard before I can even get the chance to set him up for another 25/30 points. I’d understand occasionally having this kind of luck, but, every hand? Never minding the fact that that same luck never swings back my way. Oh yea... and the ads are very plentiful.

Great Free Domino Game, many ads, easy to skip

I have been playing this game for the past year. The computer that you play against is very fair. At first I was annoyed that the you’re assisted, and aren’t required to do any math- when it’s your turn it will select all the possible/playable dominoes in your hand, as you select each one it will show what total you would get from playing that domino. That’s helpful to many, and I’ve learned to like it. You will still need strategy to block your opponent and plan moves ahead. Love the game, just lots of ads, but all the ads are instantly skipable :)


Real muy bueno

Never win

You can never win computer always wins

Slow and gets stuck

Needs work

So much potential but so aggravating

Every time I have to draw I need a minimum of three tiles. They rarely draw more than one. Also, when they’re winding down on tiles you can bet your life that they’ll go out without any problems. Finally, the game freezes up and/or completely shuts down FAR too often. I’d actually give them money to eliminate the ads but my blood pressure can’t handle it. I’ll find a new dominoes game that isn’t skewed to the computers favor.


This game is super boring. I like it at all.

Fun game to kill time!


De lo mejor!

Me encanta!

So bad

Too much ads

Too many ad’s

If your not into ad’s about every time you take a turn, followed by a pop up followed by another round of back to back ad’s then you might want to look for another dominos game. I love dominos but the ridiculous amount of ads at least for me make this game unplayable

Good Game

Best game I have played just deleted dominoe gold because this games was better n every way

I am all for free but ..

The same casino ad pops up and is glitchy. You can’t X out at all. Freezes up the game.

Super Fun game!

I love this game! It’s my go to favorite game. It’s challenging and fun! Addictive!!!

Love it!

I played this type of Dominoes with my grandfather as a child. Now I realize just how much “number sense” I developed and how much I learned from him - I’m S-O-O-O enjoying this game!

Thumbs down!

Some bug fixes need to be administered ... keep getting booted from the game. More frustrating than fun. Probably just gonna delete it and look for a new dominos game. Too bad . This game is not worth downloading though. So big warning to all those who hate watching adds and getting kicked off your game every 3 minutes. This game is not for you. Maybe just find a friend and get some real bones! So all in all,,, stay away from this mess of a game and the people who made it. My morning bathroom throw downs are just getting watered down with this underwhelming domino play. Sad . And they really don't want you to leave a review because it's taking so many words to complete , I think they think I'm just gonna give up and not blow the whistle on them but they have another thing coming! Fix your mess! And stop wasting people's time with your below par game programming.


Might delete too many ads

Love It!!!😀

Great fun... already addicted 😀

Pops upd

There are tons of pops ups all around almost ever 5 second and at the end of esch you have watch one

The single worst app I’ve ever downloaded

I’ve never deleted an app (game or otherwise) within an hour after downloading it...until this app. Tried to play my first game and the difficulty algorithm is far too hard. Boneyard draws always go in the favor of the CPU. But the real issue is the ads. Far too many, and impressively the ads even manage to crash. I had this game for less than an hour and it crashed/froze no less than 42 times. It’s clear they must’ve bought reviews because I’d give it 0 stars if I could.

The Game

If the player closes the game, why on the next game the computer draws out 1st if the won with the lowest score to beat the computer.

Too many ads

This app has terrible ads that don't even run correctly. The app slows downs constantly and makes playing a nightmare. I could not deal with it any longer.

Say bye bye to battery

Eats battery life of my 6s compared to other apps. A little clunky because of this

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